This morning the conservative movement was rocked by a sad announcement, Paul Weyrich passed away this morning at the age of 66. Weyrich was the very first leader of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation and also the individual that coined the term moral majority. Weyrich lived his life by the ideals that he espoused unlike some other individuals. He was the type of man that knew that he was not infallible and humble enough to admit when he was wrong. Weyrich’s intelligence and deeply held conservative beliefs will be greatly missed.

And now for something that needs to be said. I decided to see what the opposition was saying about Weyrich’s passing so I checked out HuffPost. The article that I found was respectful and professional, however when I got to the reader comments section I was horrified. I knew that there were vile and immoral people out there, but what I was reading almost made me sick. Most of the comments that I read on that site were so vile and despicable that I will not taint this blog by linking to that article in any fashion. I knew that liberals tend to be an angry lot, but the hatred and vitriol that I saw on that site blew my mind. These people were not offering condolences for Weyrich’s family, instead they were celebrating his death like it was some party. Their actions are shameful.